Old content is back up…

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You can find the old content at…


Still working it in to the new version of the site, but if you’re bored, check it out there. There are a few broken links because its actually a back up that was in mid-update. Thanks for checking in all!! Your comments are appreciated. It lets me know people still come around. Thanks!

Charleston Airforce Town – Charleston, SC

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This is another one I’ve just had sitting around for quite some time and never bothered to post. Its exterior only shots, so nothing too amazing. This is a small military housing subdivision over in North Charleston. There isn’t much still there, but I was able to get a few pictures of the exteriors of some of the old homes. There is also a club and a few other buildings that still stand on the site.

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Chippewa Lake Park – Chippewa Lake, OH

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How about a quick Chippewa Lake Park mention… these are the last pictures I took of the park before moving from Ohio back in 2009. This was in April 2009. I didn’t have a chance to post them until now. Chippewa Lake Park was one of my favorite places to sneak around and one of my favorite features on the site. This series of pictures taken after the land was cleared for redevelopment gives a better glimpse of the rides and where they sat in relation to one another. Even having been there many times, I was surprised how near some of them were to each other once the brush and trees were cleared. The park had been sitting for around 20 years by the time I first visited, so it was very overgrown. Anyway, here are some pictures from my April 2009 visit. It was a quick trip, and this is a fraction of the pictures I took…

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Car Wash – North Charleston, SC

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I’m still working through this new method of posting, trying to come up with a feel that I like enough to use. The thumbnail sized photos don’t resize very well, but this is much easier than doing everything manually. This is an old Carwash off of Ashley Phosphate Rd in North Charleston South Carolina. I actually spotted this place on my first trip to the area but could never remember where I saw it. Now I drive past it all the time. I figured I’d stop one day and snap a few photos. Its nothing too spectacular, but its worth a post…

If anyone knows anything about the background of this place, please comment or email me… admin@illicitohio.com

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Treasure Island – Daytona Beach, FL

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Abandoned Treasure Island Motel, Daytona Beach, Florida

We managed to get a quick external only peek at the Treasure Island Hotel on Daytona Beach this past year when we took a quick family trip. We didn’t head inside since we had the family along. We did get chased of by a friendly police officer who seemed to just be looking out for our safety. We also talked to an older lady who had stayed there many times over the years and was bummed to see it in this condition. From what I could tell, the hurricane in 2004 had damaged the rooms pretty badly. I also read, and this is speculation entirely, that a property company had purchased the hotel and several other properties along the beach for the purpose of letting them sit until property values rise. Unfortunately, a ride along this section of Daytona makes me think they may be waiting a while. There are so many empty lots along this once packed beach that I can’t fathom the property ever being worth what it was in its heyday.

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Testing Testing…

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Where are all the buildings???

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Everything will be back as archive content here very soon. The bad news is that I managed to delete it all in error. The good news is that I have a backup at home that I can dig in to, rebuild, and upload.

Testing Mobile

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Uploading from mobile phone. Will use this to post UE pictures hopefully.


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So what is the purpose of the site?  If you’ve been here before, you may recall that the old site was all abandoned buildings, urban exploration, etc.  That will still be the main direction of the site, but the blog format will allow me to add some other stuff as well.  Expect to see some music here occasionally… not good music, but my own creations.  While most of it tends to be crap, hopefully it may inspire others to try it out an make something that means something to them.  Finally, there will just be some other random city related type stuff… cool places, etc.  Let’s see how it goes!


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So I’ve finally caved… after years of not having the time to update the site, I’ve finally decided to go the wordpress route and make it easy enough that I’ll actually get around to updating from time to time.