Car Wash – North Charleston, SC

I’m still working through this new method of posting, trying to come up with a feel that I like enough to use. The thumbnail sized photos don’t resize very well, but this is much easier than doing everything manually. This is an old Carwash off of Ashley Phosphate Rd in North Charleston South Carolina. I actually spotted this place on my first trip to the area but could never remember where I saw it. Now I drive past it all the time. I figured I’d stop one day and snap a few photos. Its nothing too spectacular, but its worth a post…

If anyone knows anything about the background of this place, please comment or email me…

4 Responses to “Car Wash – North Charleston, SC”

  1. Katrina Says:

    I am glad to see you are back and running again. I miss the previous content though. And idea of when it will be fully reloaded?

  2. burt mck Says:

    Kind of surprised to see a closed carwash. Most self service car washes are almost always busy. Was this car wash close to the abandoned AFB

  3. superstang70 Says:

    Looks like Hurricane may have damaged it.

  4. Tom Says:

    Weird, it looks like scrappers decided to take the drain cover and two of the machine’s four arms. That’s a crappy old Autec wash. They’re… uhhhhh. Not that great. Here’s a video of one I found in West Palm Beach somewhere that couldn’t even figure out how to get the back of my car WET.

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