Treasure Island – Daytona Beach, FL

Abandoned Treasure Island Motel, Daytona Beach, Florida

We managed to get a quick external only peek at the Treasure Island Hotel on Daytona Beach this past year when we took a quick family trip. We didn’t head inside since we had the family along. We did get chased of by a friendly police officer who seemed to just be looking out for our safety. We also talked to an older lady who had stayed there many times over the years and was bummed to see it in this condition. From what I could tell, the hurricane in 2004 had damaged the rooms pretty badly. I also read, and this is speculation entirely, that a property company had purchased the hotel and several other properties along the beach for the purpose of letting them sit until property values rise. Unfortunately, a ride along this section of Daytona makes me think they may be waiting a while. There are so many empty lots along this once packed beach that I can’t fathom the property ever being worth what it was in its heyday.

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  1. Harold Phillips Says:

    I lived in Florida for 20 years in a small city down the road from Daytona called Deltona. Spent alot of time in Daytona and watched it go down hill. The Boardwalk is nothing like it was when I first went there. Realy, the only thing Daytona has going for it is the speedway. As for the hurricanes in 2004, there were 3 in one month, and they did alot of damage.

  2. Rhianna Says:

    I am glad you are back. I keep up w/ your site and I really love seeing the pics. Oh and the new layout is nice.

  3. Tammy Says:

    I stayed here with my family back in the 80’s many times I think I was 13 the first year we went up until I was 17. I was a great hotel, close to everything with the trolley running up and down the strip everything was easy to get to…we would also meet alot of teens who were with their families, some we’d see only one summer others we would see again and again and became pen-pals for years. The hotel itself was so clean and well maintained, even the restaurant food was good and there was always something going on at the pool. I loved the hallways, which were open on either end so a nice breeze would flow through and every room was fairly large and had a balcony… I am now turning 40 and can still remember the smell of the freshly cleaned floor not matter what time of day it was as you walked into the lobby. It was a very comfortable relaxed family orientated hotel…seeing pics posted recently was a shock but I suppose after 40 years it’s time had passed-people are travelling less-spending less. Thank you so much for posting these pics and letting me take my little trip down memory lane. (Tammy/Canada)

  4. Rookie Says:

    Thanks for reply Tammy. People posting their memories of these places is my favorite thing about the site. I spent my childhood a few blocks down at Perrys Ocean Edge and I have very similar memories. When we went back recently after many many years away, it smelled exactly as I remembered. Its weird the things that stick with you.

  5. Ali Says:

    I stayed here every single summer of my childhood. Starting in 1990-2004. I had some of the best vacations here and spent many birthdays here! I even got a birthday wish on the sign out front. I loved coming back every summer because i knew i would see my “family” again. I really think that this place had that effect on people. Every year my family along with about 7 other families all planned to come down the same two weeks of vacation and we ran the place. The kids club, big wave dave, family olympics? who wouldn’t love that summer. I truly miss this place and no where down there has been able to replace it. I wish someone would just rebuild a replica and not condo’s this would be where I would take my family :)

  6. Michelle Says:

    It’s a joy to see how many others have had the wonderful experiences at Treasure Island. We started going in the late 70’s and I thought some day I could take my children and grandchildren there. I did get my daughter there twice when she was young. The pictures really choke me up. We stayed at Perry’s in 2009 and I was crushed when I saw Treasure Island.

  7. Mel Says:

    My wife and kids spent a wonderful vacation in August of 1977 at Treasure Island. Like someone said before, I had hoped to bring my grandkids here someday. I was in Daytona for the race this year and drove by Treasure Island and was so disapointed with its condition. Looks like it is ready to fall down at any time.

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  9. Tammy/Canada Says:

    I posted last April and was just wondering if there has been any progress/decisions made about Treasure Island’s fate since last summer (June 2011) is the lastest date I’ve come across…

    Crazy how everytime I look at your pics, all these memories come back to me. Little things I haven’t thought of in years. Walking from the pool into the lobby with my inflatable raft lol ( I think I might have been 13 or 14) The overstocked gift shop full to the brim of EVERYTHING related to the beach. I even remember Richard Marx “right here waiting for you” playing on the radio. Always ment to get back there but life kind of got in the way. And wondering about whatever happened to our Irish friends who we would run into year after year… Another trip down memory lane. Thank you for your awesome site. Keep us posted.

  10. Ted Says:

    It is so hard to see a place that offered such fun and entertainment,in such
    shambles. I have been there 3 or 4 times. loved it. The memories of that
    place are as fresh as I was there yesterday. My folks took my kids there for
    8 summers running. They met kids one year and the same kids would be there the following year. That place had a magic about it.
    To this day they still keep in touch with some of those kids. All because of
    Treasure Island Hotel Somebody out there make it happen again!

  11. SUPERSTANG70 Says:

    Looks like it was a pretty cool place. Sad to see how that part of the state has been devistated though.

  12. Sean Says:

    My father who has now passed used to stay here with his family and he started the tradition with us. We would stay here every year for about 10 years straight in the 80’s and 90’s in the same room, room 1107. There was so much to do for everyone no matter what your age. This was the first place I ever had a Buffalo Wing at the Barefoot Bar. The pool was so much fun and large game room. There are so many memories that we left at this hotel including my sister locking me a roll away bed and putting me on the elevator. This hotel will be greatly missed!

  13. Kathy Says:

    My Mother and Father spent many winters at Treasure Island Hotel from the mid 80’s and through the late 90’s. My sister and I would often go down and visit them. They were so happy there. The staff was friendly and it was just a safe and happy place. We always felt like we were home. I tear up when I look at the poor old hotel and what it has been reduced to–such a wonderful place–now in ruins. To me it is just another sign of where our country used to be and where it is now–going down down down hill…

  14. Lorcan Morris Says:

    Tammy email me. I am from Dublin, Ireland and I believe I may know the Irish people you are referring to. My email is

  15. Mary M Says:

    Bummer. The TI was a locals favorite as well. The Staed family owned the property for many years. The daughters of Staed still have beach front hotels in Daytona.



    […]illicitohio » Blog Archive » Treasure Island – Daytona Beach, FL[…]…

  17. Bill Says:

    I spent so many vacations at the treasure island i lost count. My ex wife and i took each others virginity there. I took my first girlfriend outside my marriage there. I won mr spring break 2004 there. If i ever do anything i will buy and rehab that hotel for the memories alone.

  18. Lou Says:

    Brought my family there at least 15 times. So sad to see it like this. Any word on what’s going to become of it?

  19. Bryan Says:

    Spent 1981 to 1991 there every July for a week. We would run into (Pop’s) the orginal owner a couple of times until his passing. We hould hang out in the tv lounge at nights watching on that boig guge tv that they had there. THe restaurant would have free aptizers every nite nit to mention bareffot bar. The pool was always an exciting part due to the fu nactivites they always had planned there. We would walk down to the Burger Kingthat sat on the corner while my parents would drink the night away. Good times I guess to come to an end. Met plenty of Hot girls there. GOt a few kisses htere too .Some of my greatest childhood memerious were at this place. I look at it know and still brings the memory’s back. What a great place it was and to whom ever takes over it, you got some big shoes to fill.

  20. billabongrob Says:

    I stayed here back in 04ish. It was actually slightly after the hurricanes had come through, and was still wet. (But we needed a place to stay) Sad to see it has come to this.
    I originally found your site around 2005 when I was looking up idora park amongst other things. Glad to see you’ve updated this site and are continually working on it! Keep up the good work. (If you ever need any help with hosting or anything, let me know. I’ll always have a home for you!)

  21. Jen Says:

    Spent Christmas and New Year’s at the Treasure Island in 2003. Loved the hotel, the location and everything about it. I lived in Ohio back then. Have super pictures of the pool, the room, my girls and I posing in the room and just had a wonderful vacation and the hotel was great. I now live in Alabama and was thinking about a vacation to Daytona and wanted to check out the Treasure Island and found these pics and all of the articles about how now, the stately hotel sets abandoned and falling in ruins. I would love to go through the hotel just to look and have memories brought back. Sad to see such a wonderful place going in disrepair. I remember how lively it was both at check in and check out, families and people coming and going over the holiday….sad!

  22. Says:

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  23. Kris M. Says:

    Makes me think of the Ireland Inn on Ft. Lauderdale beach. It used to be my great-aunt’s private residence was there, when she died, it became Ireland Inn and now it is just empty and rotting on the beach. Ft. Lauderdale has had a similar situation as Daytona it appears.

  24. Lorri Says:

    I stayed here in the 70’s. Many great memories. Loved the barefoot bar & as another person posted their memories about Pop’s….my parents hung out with him in the lounge. The best 2 weeks of summer were spent here. Made alot of friends who became pen pals. I remember it was here in a 4th floor room when I heard of Elvis Presley’s passing. Sad to see it in this condition :(

  25. chuck Says:

    My wife and I stayed here in August of the last year it was open on our anniversary. We were checking in on a Sunday and had our dogs, rooms weren’t ready, they sent us to a dirty room first and we did not make it to the mall because they closed early..
    You could tell just in the attitude of staff , view and pool were great..

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