Chippewa Lake in the Snow…

These are, of course, some additional old pictures I thought I’d post in the spirit of the cold snowy weather up north.

These were taken on a trip I took completely on a whim. I was driving near the area and popped in to see the park. It had just started snowing, so I went in to see how it would look in the snow. It was one of my favorite trips because it was just so peaceful and calm like it always seems to be when the snow first starts to fall.

There were some cool views I had never really been able to see before due to the overgrowth. The snow sort of highlighted some cool things I had never noticed, like path ways and whatnot. Over all it was a great experience for my mind and a terrible one for my feet that managed to get wet shortly after entering and nearly fall off shortly before leaving. It was all worth it though in the end. I loved this location and now that its basically gone, I have nothing but these pictures, memories, and my amputated feet to remember it by.