Springs Park, Lancaster, SC


There are soooo many bees and spiders in this place!

Ok, So I posted that picture while I was still at the park, and from my phone of course. The good news is this is some new content for this site. It isn’t anything too spectacular, but it was an interesting trip. The bad news is that my poor camera has finally bit the dust I think. The little doors that cover the lens wouldn’t open completely, so each picture has a little dark spot at the top right and bottom left. I suck.

These pictures were taken at Springs Park in Lancaster, SC. Springs Park was an old company park. I believe the company was the Springs company, but I may be off. I’m still catching up on the research. The park has been around since the 1920’s, and grew over time to include basic carnival type rides, the huge pool you see here, and several other attractions.

The park closed in 1989 and the contents were mostly auctioned off. A boat landing has been built right near the park, overlapping an old entrance to the park in fact. Today most of the contents are either gone, or in complete disrepair. I’m surprised that they haven’t filled the pool as it is extremely deep on the diving end. They have cut the trees around the park, I assume to prevent fires.

I headed out to the park unsure if anything was still there. I followed what I assumed to be the trail back toward the park, clearly aware by then that there were freshly cut trees and a nice new boat landing with parking lot. I assumed this probably meant the park was gone. Much to my surprise, a short walk back in to the woods found what you see posted below… There were bees everywhere, especially those huge bumble bee ones that look fat and buzz loud. I’ve heard they don’t sting, but there were so many, that I believe they could have taken the form of a large knife and stabbed me. It also seemed that no matter where I walked, I walked through some sort of spider web. Some of the spiders down here are about the size of some people I’ve met, so you have to watch. Overall it was a nice afternoon wandering around the South Carolina woods, in the intense heat, taking some pictures with a broken camera… and you wonder why updates are rare.

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  1. Rib Says:

    Really cool update. Beezzz are SCARY! Doesn’t sound like they got you though – good deal! Thanks much for sharing!

  2. Clay Says:


  3. Laura Says:

    I was exploring your site/blog looking for things late at night and was surprised that this was the first to show up! I live in Lancaster, SC about 5-10 minutes from the Old Springs Park. It’s now being converted into a boat landing. I took some pictures down in there last summer, and it seems to have only gotten worse :( So cool though, that you would have some pictures of something so close to home.

  4. Robert Says:

    Really cool update thanks!

  5. interestingness1 Says:

    Awesome stuff! Glad the updates are back…. or were back, haha!

    Look forward to more entries :)

  6. mr. salty Says:


  7. jim Says:

    These pictures made me real sad I used to swim in that pool. Springs took care of their employees back then and this park was part of that.

  8. superstang70 Says:

    This place looks like it was lots of fun in it’s prime.

  9. darryl harris Says:

    my dad took us there almost every sunday to swim, ride the train, ride the merrygoround, get on the old airplane, ride the ponies, slide down the long slide and buy cotton candy. what great memories. thanx for the pictures. ihave often wanted to go there to see the place. thanx again

  10. Eddie snydet Says:

    Wow I remember going there as a kid it was a fun place to go

  11. donna wright Says:

    Can’t believe it looks like this. I spent many summers there and at the Springs Mills picnic events. The last time I came through was after Hugo and all the trees were down. Out of curiousity, I may take a trip home just to look at this. Thanks for the update.

  12. Vicky Helms Fite Says:

    It is so sad to see this. I remember this place with fond memories. My Dad’s family is from Lancaster. Some of my family are still there, the Helms & Steele’s.

  13. W. Davis Says:

    Back in 1978 I went to Springs Park for a week long camp. It was for kids from the local counties that worked at the school during the summer, I was 11yrs old at the time. At this camp we stayed in little cabins that had a bathroom and could sleep up to I think 8 kids, each cabin had an Indian name ours was Arapaho (wow still remember that) Each morning we would get up and meet all the other campers at the flag pole, then go to dinning hall for breakfast. After that we would have events to do until lunch, and more classes and events till dinner. This place had a skating rink, horse back riding coning, paddle boats and the largest coolest pool I had ever seen in my life. I made friends with some of the kids there that I am still friends with today, I met my oldest son’s mom there ( he was born in 1992). I have often thought of that place, and to see these pics really makes me sad. If anyone was there during the time i was there please leave a comment.

  14. dave Says:

    Bumble bees do indeed deliver a very painful sting, and unlike a honey bee, they do not lose their stinger afterwards, so one bee can sting you repeatedly. If they are disturbed, they become very aggressive, and come at you in numbers. Running is your best option, but be aware, once you’ve angered them, you will have to run for awhile, cuz they are tenacious fellows, and will follow for a long distance. It is also important to not return to the place where you disturbed them for about a day. The pain of their sting is almost as bad as the Red Paper-nest Wasp.

  15. F. Lee Says:

    I remember when I was little, Springs Park was the best place to go for swimming & carnival like fun. It was very Americana culture/fun. I hate that such a wonderful part of my childhood is in such bad condition.

  16. Robbin Says:

    As a little girl, my dad took us to this park every Sunday. It was such a fun time and I have great memories of my family. These pictures really bring back the good memories but it is so sad to think it is gone. My dad worked and retired with Springs. I tell my own children all of the stories and the family outings we had at Springs Park.

  17. terry patrick Says:

    yes it was startedby spring mills back in they hay day colonel springs did alot for his employees . they even founded spring maid pir along with the origanl resort there at myrtle beach sc

  18. Buddy Bigham Says:

    Great pics, me and my wife walked down in there been a good while back and yeah its like the woods just open up to this pool area, my mom and dad ran a club and rented a place there to have a huge party and we were looking for that building while we were there but couldnt find it. I also remeber the skating ring i broke my wrist there and layed on the very same sets thats in the pictures, you know its bad that this place is no longer up and running the kids in this area would have a field day here. Anyway thanks for the pictures brung back some good and bad memories.

  19. Jerry Roach Says:

    I have so many wonderful memories about Springs Park. It was such a wonderful family park. So sad to see the picutures. It is like looking into a time capsule. I went to the camp one summer and had so much fun. We used to spend Sunday afternoon at the park a couple times a month. I remember the picnic shelter and the outdoor skating ring, and the pool was awesome. You could walk in a tunnel to look in a window and see the people swimming under the water. I have so many fond memories. I wish the place was still open. That was what families used to do together!!!!!!

  20. Ronda Medlin Says:

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS! i USED TO GO TO THIS PARK IN MY YOUNGER YEARS AND IT REALLY SUCKS THAT IT TURNED OUT THIS WAY! SPRINGS SHOULD BE ASHAMED……. I ONLY WISH IT COULD BE THE SAME FOR OUR KIDS AS IT WAS FOR US… I DO NOT LIVE IN GREAT FALLS ANYMORE BUT All my family does, so if you have any problem with me… it is only about me, I could name names, but i won’t…..so you have my email tell me what you need to say! I am so not afraid anymore, like i was in high school! Don’t get me wrong i don’t want trouble,,,,,, well maybe i do.. just with the ones who know who they are!!! I will give you this W.O,,, P.B.,,,SH.GR.,,, thats only a few. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. tom Says:

    I remember holding my bathing suit on and jumping from the 3rd level into the pool. Did one one time. Loved the little coal fired train

  22. Tee Says:


  23. Gloria Says:

    It is so sad to see, wish we could turn back the hands of time just to enjoy all the times we shared there. It gave people a place to go and have fun, this area doesn’t have anything for the young people to do any more. people came from all over to swim, skate, enjoy the rides, and lets not not forget the paddle boats. Just wish it could be the way it was!!!

  24. GEORGE A Says:

    I used to live near Great Falls and spent some wonderful times at Springs Park, enjoying the slide, train, other things with my children. I also remember jumping from the diving tower….ten meters at the top. A long ways down to the water and then a long way back to the surface. Wow! What and experience. This was a truly beautiful place and great experience. I know things have to change but why desert it? why turn your back on it? why forsake the people who enjoyed it? and made Springmaid a name and place to be proud of? I will try to remember the good times and not let them be destroyed by such neglect or should I say anger.

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