Springs Park, Lancaster, SC


There are soooo many bees and spiders in this place!

Ok, So I posted that picture while I was still at the park, and from my phone of course. The good news is this is some new content for this site. It isn’t anything too spectacular, but it was an interesting trip. The bad news is that my poor camera has finally bit the dust I think. The little doors that cover the lens wouldn’t open completely, so each picture has a little dark spot at the top right and bottom left. I suck.

These pictures were taken at Springs Park in Lancaster, SC. Springs Park was an old company park. I believe the company was the Springs company, but I may be off. I’m still catching up on the research. The park has been around since the 1920’s, and grew over time to include basic carnival type rides, the huge pool you see here, and several other attractions.

The park closed in 1989 and the contents were mostly auctioned off. A boat landing has been built right near the park, overlapping an old entrance to the park in fact. Today most of the contents are either gone, or in complete disrepair. I’m surprised that they haven’t filled the pool as it is extremely deep on the diving end. They have cut the trees around the park, I assume to prevent fires.

I headed out to the park unsure if anything was still there. I followed what I assumed to be the trail back toward the park, clearly aware by then that there were freshly cut trees and a nice new boat landing with parking lot. I assumed this probably meant the park was gone. Much to my surprise, a short walk back in to the woods found what you see posted below… There were bees everywhere, especially those huge bumble bee ones that look fat and buzz loud. I’ve heard they don’t sting, but there were so many, that I believe they could have taken the form of a large knife and stabbed me. It also seemed that no matter where I walked, I walked through some sort of spider web. Some of the spiders down here are about the size of some people I’ve met, so you have to watch. Overall it was a nice afternoon wandering around the South Carolina woods, in the intense heat, taking some pictures with a broken camera… and you wonder why updates are rare.

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