About Me

I am an old, broken man.  In the early days of Urban Exploration on the web, I was fortunate enough to be early on the scene creating the first incarnation of illicitohio as a free geocities site.  For many years after, the site grew in to what eventually became a real hosted full blow Urban Exploration site.  As time went on, I grew, matured, etc, and stopped having the time to keep the site alive.  Instead of watching it waste away in a fashion similar to the buildings I used to explor, I decided to kill it and replace it with this blog so that the photos I took won’t be gone forever.

In the years since the site started, I’ve abandoned the state that provided me with all of those years of abandoned building material.  I’ve headed for warmer weather and moved south.  That raises the question of why I haven’t changed the site name.  I’ve considered it, but for now, I’ll stick with what people know.

About the Site

The site will remain similar in content but will add some new stuff that I’ve been messing around with.  One thing has always remained true on this site.  I make it for people that are bored and want something to check out, but ultimately its an outlet for crap I want to put out there that no one around me cares enough about to listen.  I may add some crappy home grown music here.  I may add some abandoned building exploration videos if I ever get around to making them.  The possibilities are endless… sort of.  We’ll see where it takes us!