Treasure Island – Daytona Beach, FL

Posted in Urban Exploration on December 4th, 2010 by Rookie

Abandoned Treasure Island Motel, Daytona Beach, Florida

We managed to get a quick external only peek at the Treasure Island Hotel on Daytona Beach this past year when we took a quick family trip. We didn’t head inside since we had the family along. We did get chased of by a friendly police officer who seemed to just be looking out for our safety. We also talked to an older lady who had stayed there many times over the years and was bummed to see it in this condition. From what I could tell, the hurricane in 2004 had damaged the rooms pretty badly. I also read, and this is speculation entirely, that a property company had purchased the hotel and several other properties along the beach for the purpose of letting them sit until property values rise. Unfortunately, a ride along this section of Daytona makes me think they may be waiting a while. There are so many empty lots along this once packed beach that I can’t fathom the property ever being worth what it was in its heyday.

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